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Mark Politi's
Kangen Water Kiosk

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What is Kangen Water?

Alkaline  ---  Antioxidant  ---  Microclustered

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Owning this technology is an immediate boost to your
monthly budget.  No more buying expensive bottled water
and having to drag those heavy cases from the store to

--->     Learn how you can get yours for FREE    <---

Also a fun and lucrative way to
supplement your retirement income!

For questions or to join my sales team today, contact Mark at

561-504-2820  /
or visit:

  Our Enagic Product Line

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   Our Latest and Top of the Line Model


   Leveluk K-8  
                                                          * Enagic's most powerful Anti-Oxidizer
                                       * 8 Platinum-dipped solid titanium plates
                                       * 560 square inches of ionization surface
                                       * Ionizes 50% FASTER than the SD-501
                                       * Cleans the plates after each use as it drains
                                       * 15% more efficient than the SD-501
                                       * Intuitive, interactive iPhone-like front panel
                                       * 8 languages, accepts all types of power sources
                                       * 3 pounds lighter than the SD-501
                                       * User configuration for pH calibrations
                                       * Intelligent filter chip tracks water usage


Our Best Selling Model  

Leveluk SD-501
 SD 501 Platinum - 5 Language  
Super 501  Under The Counter Unit
Leveluk JRII
 Leveluk R

 Anespa Shower Unit

Our Turmeric Supplement


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